Matt grew up ranching in Nevada and Oregon and has worked large outfits from Arizona to Montana.  His occupations include custom saddletree and saddle maker, professional horseshoer, horse trainer and working cowboy.  Currently a unit manager on one of the largest cattle ranches in Wyoming, he feels that “If you can’t test your own work, how can you design and build saddles that work correctly? How better than long, hard miles and wet saddle blankets?”  With a lifetime of ranching and such a wide range of expertise related to the proper interaction between horse, saddle and rider, Matt can help you with all of your saddle related needs.  Whether you are an equestrian hobbyist or a working cowboy, Matt can design, fit and build the exceptional custom saddletree and/or saddle that you desire.


Matt has been building custom saddletrees for almost 20 years.  He has built for some of the top saddle makers in the United States, and his trees have been ridden by many of the best clinicians and horse trainers across the country.

As a saddle maker the biggest worry is whether or not the saddle will come back to the shop because it is soring horses.  Because of the design of his trees and his attention to detail, as well as the quality material, that has never been a problem for Matt. 

“With a great tree the saddle maker can’t hardly mess it up, but the best saddle maker can’t build a great saddle on a poor tree.”

All trees are laminated of yellow poplar and soft maple with water proof glue and varnished with three coats of Marine Spar varnish to seal out moisture.  Then they are covered with actual mature bullhide for ultimate strength and stability.  When the hide is completely dry, which takes several weeks, the rawhide is given three more coats of a very special finish to seal the hide as well.  All trees are branded with an ID number that can be accessed even after the saddle is completed.  Matt stands behind his trees 110% and has never had one fail, even under the heaviest of use.


Matt Miller Saddle Company has been around for about 30 years.  Matt built custom-made saddles before ever getting started on making custom trees.  The weak link was always being dependent on a tree maker.  But for the last 20 years that problem has been solved.  It also eliminates the big possibility of miscommunication between the three individuals--the customer, the tree maker and the saddle maker.

Matt uses only the best leather and hardware in his saddles and, of course, they are all built on one of his custom-made trees.  That allows him the quality and flexibility in construction to build you a truly custom-made saddle.  Matt's influences stem from the Great Basin areas and the Buckaroo heritage.  He specializes in the classic wade fork design, but he builds excellent products from the wade to swell fork design and anything in between.

Saddle-Fitting Clinics: 

Matt Miller Saddle-Fitting Clinics are designed to teach the horse owner the mechanics of how the saddle, horse and rider interact as one.  Matt will explain the make-up of the saddletree and how it is influenced by the rider's size and body type as it relates to seat size, cantle height and width, as well as placement of the stirrup leather notches.  Once these points are determined, the horse's conformation will be addressed as to gullet width, bar angle and twist, and location of the rocker on the tree bar.

Only after these issues are taken care of will the saddle itself be explained in detail as to how it works on the horse.  The rigging type and its position are crucial to the performance of the horse.  Matt will explain all these mechanical principles in easy to understand laymans terms that will enlighten both beginner and expert horsemen alike.  This information is vital to the prospective saddle buyer, as well as those experiencing problems with a saddle or horse they already own.  With all the misinformation and fads being applied randomly to these problem areas, concerned horsemen will find this information extremely helpful in their search for unity with their horse.

Matt has done these clinics all over the western U.S. for the last 15 years and says, "This knowledge is easily understood given the correct information.  I have yet to come across an individual or group with the desire to learn that is unable to understand and apply these concepts."

With the cost of saddles and the heartache of seeing your horse suffer because of improper fit, the Matt Miller Saddle-Fitting Clinic is a giant step in the right direction.  You owe it to yourself and your horse.

Saddletree Academy: 

MCS Saddletree Academy is a very in-depth training program designed and ran by Matt Miller.  It encompasses horse conformation as how it relates to the tree and finished saddle, as well as the rider’s body type and size.  Matt says “The difference between a mediocre tree and the best is effort and great training.”  His years of doing clinics and dealing with the public have given him the ability to teach, interact and relate very well to his students.  He feels the many custom saddle makers trying to get quality trees could benefit greatly from a better selection of products to draw from.  Therefore, Matt has decided that he will accept a few devoted individuals to train to make saddletrees. 

The school is four weeks long, five days a week.  Students keep all work done in class as well as the jigs and patterns necessary to start your business.  Matt will also be available after training to answer those important questions that will always come up.


For further information about any of the services provided by Matt Miller, please feel free to contact Matt either by mail, email or by phone.  Your questions and your interest are greatly appreciated.

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