Matt was born in Battle Mountain, Nevada in 1958.  He was raised in Nevada and Oregon on family ranches.  He started working big outfits when cowboys still rode for a living and lived on the wagon, not wore out horse trailers.  It was a perfect opportunity for someone with the passion to understand how the saddle, horse and the rider could go together to create the ultimate experience in horsemanship.

Matt came from a family of saddle makers, so the desire to learn more was there from a very young age.  And with the time in the saddle afforded to him by his occupation and some hard work, the knowledge and understanding necessary to define the mechanics of saddles and trees was obtained and put to use.

Matt started building custom saddles in the early 1980's and began his saddletree business in 1994 in the Sheridan, Wyoming area.  He has managed to both continue ranching and to build a very unique product consisting of top quality trees and saddles.


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